Creativity development of human resources determines the success and prosperity of a nation. The world's most livable and greatest nations such as the Nordic countries, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, USA, Japan, Korea, Canada, Australia, Singapore ... are the most creative countries with many inventions to their credit. China has an ancient culture, replete with many inventions, and now its stability and modern creative drive for technical innovation has propelled it to become the 2nd largest economy in the world. Israel, a startup nation with many inventions in science and technology deserves admiration from the world. Russia has regained a strong position among world powers thanks to new inventions in the field of defense. If Vietnam wants to become a great nation it should also have creative human resourcescreative people. Li Weiwu - a well-known economic researcher from China has said that: Money may be borrowed and repaid but skilled creative human resources are difficult to find and can only be acquired through education and training.

In this common trend, Vietnam has decided to become a knowledge based economy based on high technology and high quality human resources. Existing businesses and new start-ups with a core of entrepreneurship are seen as the driver of economic development of the country. In 2017 Vietnam will host the 13th ASEM conference on the theme of educational innovation - initiated by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the 12th ASEM. To achieve the country's development goals and the idea of Vietnam - a startup nation- there is no other way, apart from investment in developing creative human resources to ensure the economic growth of the country now and in the future. Schools are responsible for training creative human resources. To do this, schools need to link with the business, entrepreneurial and social organizations. Many business organizations and start-ups in the world have succeeded in doing business in the field of developing creative human resources.

Six experts from six countries famous for inventiveness, who are doing research or managing consulting organizations in the field of creativity, will present at the workshop. They will bring experiences to Vietnam that will help the business and start up organizations of the country to find opportunities to do business with educators in the field of creativity. 

Workshop aims: The workshop has two aims: 

  1. To assist educators and entrepreneurs gain a better understanding of creativity, creativity development for learners, employers and the organizations; how  entrepreneurs and  businessmen in the world has been developing business ideas in this field.

  2. To establish cooperation relationships between educators and entrepreneurs and businessmen in and outside Vietnam to deepen the research and innovation models in the field of creativity development in Vietnam. (The workshop will take time to discuss and talk about this issue).

Date: 11-12 August, 2017

Workshop venueConference Room 901, Operator Building, Vietnam National University, 144 Xuan Thuy street, Cau Giay Hanoi (Please refer to this address in Vietnamese: Phòng hội nghị 901, tòa nhà điều hành Đại học Quốc gia Hà Nội 144 Xuân Thủy, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội)

Participants: Scientists, educational leaders, lecturers and teachers, business people, entrepreneurs, learners; and experts in the field of creativity.